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Proven TikTok Strategies Used To Generate $100k+ (Test Group Results)


What Is The TikTok Apparatus?

TikTok Apparatus is the culmination of tested and proven strategies that we've mastered in the past year.


Our goal with TikTok Apparatus is to offer an all-in-one proven system that has already helped our students with no previous experience, generate multi 5 Figures a month in revenue – creating countless successful dropshipping stores. 


The course will include everything you could ever want to start making money with TikTok. Covering every aspect there is to TikTok - Both Organic & Paid Ads.

Master Creative

Creative Is King when it comes to TikTok but creating highly engaging and high-converting videos is not easy. 

Learn to create your own unique and engaging TikTok creatives that will drive more traffic and conversions to your store.

Get our tested TikTok creative formula that will make your videos go viral and simultaneously put more money in your pocket


$10k Month Organically

Use our organic marketing formulas to leverage the TikTok algorithm in order to generate consistent sales. 

Learn how to attract millions of eyeballs to your store for absolutely free without having to run any ads. 

Steal our Organic Marketing Blueprint to scale your store to $10k/months for FREE!


6 Figures With TikTok Ads

Introduction to ad strategies that will help you scale your store to $100k consistently and with predictability. 

TikTok ads are different from anything else out there, therefore the strategies are unique as well. 

We've spent 12 months and 1000s of hours testing every strategy variation to nail down exactly what works and what doesn't.

Disclaimer: Use these strategies responsibly and only if you can handle to influx of orders.

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Be Our Next Success Story

All our strategies are proven, tested, and backed by the results you see on this page. All the results you see are contributed to TikTok. This can be you if you simply implement these strategies in your store.

🏆 $19K In 30 Days!

He was stuck at $2k/month before joining our TikTok program. It's been 2 months and crossed $25k using nothing but TikTok

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🏆 $20K In 22 Days!

Had a store for 4 months, and never did more than $3k in sales. Joined TikTok Appratus, and made $20k in less than 30 days.


🏆 $10.7K In 25 Days!

Complete beginner - new store started from $0. Found products using our TikTok product research, built an organic content strategy using our blueprint and then implemented TikTok ads to slowly start scaling with UGC content.


$0 To $21k/Month 

Sam has been working with us for 5 months and he recently did $21,000+ in sales under 1 month. 

He started off as a complete beginner, with no experience in ecommerce. Wanted to start dropshipping and had spent close to a month trying to build his own store and find products but didn't get much done due to no real guidance and help. 

That is when he reached out to us and joined our program. We started from scratch and helped him build everything from the ground up, taught him product research, helped him not only find winning products but also build a high converting branded store. 

Our main focus for promotion was purely tiktok and a combination of paid tiktok ads backed by organic marketing, a result of which was his store took off after a few days of launching the ads and we knew we had a winning product on our hands, from there we focused on overall growth of his store from customer experience, to increasing profit margins and helping him scale his ads profitably. 

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Join The TikTok Apparatus At A Pre-Launch Discounted Price


🏆 $10K In 26 Days!


🏆 $9K In 17 Days!

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🏆 $7K In 19 Days!



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